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Today I’m free from daily worries, my son is beautifully asleep and nothing hinders me from doing what I think about …
Before I start, I would like you to read this, take a look at the first line and read it again. I would very much like you to look into your soul and try to fill this line with your own meaning … What is it about?
Flipping through the pages of the book I read, whose author I consider to be the Great Man (he was honest until the end, the measure of honesty is his life). He was executed – it was a gas chamber; he was offered to be saved, but he stayed; he accepted death for the sake of people. His works can not be read quickly, after each paragraph you need to stop, think, reflect, because it seems that the world is turning around. In many ways, his books are world-view commandments, with the only feature that the main hero is the child. I’m talking about the amazing Polish teacher, scientist, writer Janusz Korczak.
So, at the beginning of one of his books “How to Love a Child,” he wrote wonderful words:
“Tell someone to produce the right thoughts for you – the same as instructing a third-party woman to give birth to your child. There is a category of thoughts that one must give birth to himself, in agony. They are the most valuable. ”
That’s why I want you to “give birth” to your thoughts on this line.
Any person at a certain stage of life, despite the presence in every room of a “zombie” on the wall, which inspires us of the nature and the inevitability of the consumer society and its values, reflects on the meaning of its existence, what it does in life. These are questions, the answers to which can, as wing, and throw deeply down, where some are not chosen. These are very necessary questions and very dangerous questions. No one will leave them because the longer we escape from them, the faster they will overtake us later.
The earlier we give answers to them, the more chances to be happy and successful.
Not only individuals seek their own way of life, but also groups of people. They unite in the organization. And if one person finds it difficult sometimes to understand his life mission, one can imagine how hard it is to achieve results for a group of people in an organization that does not know its mission, why it is here and what it carries …
As people who do not know their purpose, and organizations that do not know this, there are plenty. For example, their overwhelming majority. They come and go and they, in practice, do not notice. But there are people and organizations (groups of people) who clearly know their mission, and what they are striving for. They achieve much greater results. This is especially evident in the examples of organizations in which the collective accepts a common mission as its own. Well, it’s no secret that one head is good, but two is better. And if the heads are not two, but ten or a hundred, or more?
Bring examples of organizations in which each of its employees knows and, most importantly, accepts – as its lofty mission, can be a long time. Moreover, the ideas of such organizations involve not only workers, but also millions of people around the world.
In general, any serious organization should have, and has its mission (if you want, philosophy, culture).
You probably guessed that the first line is relevant to the mission, and you will be absolutely right. Let’s just say, this is the quintessence of our school idea.
Today, I am very pleased with the three points:
First, the mission was born by teachers (in hot and long debates);
Secondly, I am very glad that this mission is very close to me, and I 100% accept it as my own;
thirdly, I was entrusted to convey the meaning of this wonderful phrase to every person entering our school.

    The eternal book says that each of us is created in the image and likeness of God. You can be religious, you can not be so, but feel that you came to this world not as a plant, but to do something great, this phrase helps.
And the truth is, if I and You are created in the image of God, then in each of us there is a part of something great and incomprehensible. Awareness of incomprehensibility and greatness makes us live, think, act not like it was before such awareness. There is a sense of responsibility and outlines of the path to where we are going.
But the same is also true of another phrase, said by one sage: “In the image we really created everything, but we still need to become like …”
I believe that every Master is aware of his image and will come to a similarity so that this extraordinary feeling of his own uniqueness, sublimity, fullness of love, kindness, wisdom, nobility multiplied in everyone’s hearts.
I believe that every Teacher, when entering the school, into the classroom, invites the image of the one who has achieved similarity (so does the great Amonashvili). I like to invite Janusz Korczak to his lessons. I put him on the back of the desk and he is the greatest critic and assistant.
I believe that every parent understands: his “eternal life” is in his children and his deeds. To children we pass our